Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Fricassee

Oops, almost forgot to post a Friday Fricassee today. Just a tiny bit distracted over here.

I'm going to be all positive and assume that we will, indeed, be using the automated system for Monday's Secret Agent contest. So here are a few things you should know:

1. Your email must be formatted EXACTLY THE WAY I ALWAYS ASK YOU TO. Like this:

SCREEN NAME: (you must include the colon)
TITLE: (you must include the colon)
GENRE: (you must include the colon)

{and your 250 word excerpt here}

If your email is missing the screen name, title, or genre, YOUR SUBMISSION WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED.

2. Word count is set at 255 to allow for sentence completion. If your word count is too high, YOUR SUBMISSION WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED.

(I don't mean to shout. I really just want you all to understand that the auto-bot is merciless. This isn't old soft-hearted me at the other end anymore. It's passionless, folks.)



If you send your submission to my other email address, IT WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE CONTEST.

I'm going to type the address again:


4. If you submit early, your submission will be rejected.

5. If you are one of the first to submit AFTER the 50 slots have been filled, you will assigned as an alternate. All this means is that, in the event that one of the original 50 is disqualified or asks to be redacted, you will be given the empty slot number.

I will re-post all these on Monday, prior to the actual opening of submissions. Please make note of the changes. And PLEASE format correctly! (Don't worry about font; just keep it normal.)

And that's that! Have an awesome weekend. Mr. A's birthday is on Sunday--feel free to wish him good cheer (here, or on Twitter!). He is the love of my life. Truly. :)


lynnrush said...

SWEET! Hope it goes smoothly. Good luck to all entrants. And Happy Birthday, Mr. A!

Happy Weekend.

Wulf said...

Happy B-day Mr. A! Are you a grandpa yet? (I only jest out of my own age-based insecurity:) )

Krista V. said...

Happy birthday, Mr. A!

And I'm sure you're relieved that you can let merciless, passionless Automated System of Doom take care of the submissions for you. Glad it's up and running.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Yay, no more mystery genres. And I don't mean the genre mystery. I mean the enteries where the genre is left blank. I can understand not having a title, but shouldn't you at least know what your genre is if the novel is complete? Right?

Good luck everyone!

*heads back to revision cave*

Myrna Foster said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. A!

ckat said...

Sounds great!

melodycolleen said...

Yes, Mr. A. Let me add my wishes for a very merry birthday with loads of fun celebrating!

inkspatters said...

Yay for the new system and you not having to do everything manually now! Hope everything goes smoothly :D

Valerie said...

How exciting! I bet this will make running your contests (which I have no idea how you do it!) so much easier!

Stupid question, does our excerpt have to be inside { }?

Have a great weekend and bday celebration!

Erica75 said...

Thank goodness Valerie entered a stupid question first (except I really mean mine). Is the screen name, genre, and title meant to be in the body of the email or the message line? I put it in the body (in my saved draft), but now it's 266 words total and I don't know if the auto-reject will kick in (and me out).

ChariDee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. A! Hope it was a Blessed one!

Authoress said...

The screen name, title, and genre go in the BODY of the email, at the top, as shown above.

They are NOT counted against your word count, so you'll be fine.

Make sure you use colons, though!

Authoress said...

The screen name, title, and genre go in the BODY of the email, at the top, as shown above.

They are NOT counted against your word count, so you'll be fine.

Make sure you use colons, though!

Jay said...

Am I ever glad I checked tonight! I would have missed the new email address and the colons! Whew.

Jonathan n said...

What goes in the subject line?

Authoress said...

Subject line doesn't matter; all mail to this address is funneled directly to the contest.

duwarr said...

I'm looking forward to the contest!