Monday, May 5, 2008

Call For Submissions: Are You Hooked?

For our second round of "Are You Hooked" we are going to focus on THE BLURB.

Here's the deal: Pretend your book is already in print -- a beautifully crafted, hard bound book with a high quality dust jacket, prominently displayed at your favorite brick-and-mortar.

A curious reader opens the nearest copy in order to read the jacket flap...

What does it say?

Write your jacket flap and send it to me at authoressmail (at)

Hint: If you've already got a decent query letter (i.e., your query letter actually garners responses from agents), there's a good chance you've got a paragraph or two in there that serves as your "blurb." If you don't already have a decent query letter, perhaps this exercise will help you to whip up an exciting enough book hook to start raking in those requests for partials and fulls.

Questions? Post them here.

All submissions received by 9:00 am EDT on Thursday, May 8, will be included.


Merc said...

Awesome! :D I'll work on one... or can we send two again? O:)


Merc said...

Oh, one more question--is there a word count cap for this? I've read some really short blurbs and some that span both jacket flaps. :P


Angela said...

I'm trying to decide on a blurb...*mulls*

Merc said...

Spreading the word, check. ;) I posted about the "Are you hooked?" submission call on my blog.


Authoress said...

Cool, merc -- thanks! The more the merrier. :)

Yes, more than one entry is fine, just send them separately so I can keep track of the post numbers.

No word cap, just use common sense. Obviously if a blurb is too long and rambly, it's not going to hook anyone, so the feedback will be to that effect anyway. Let's just say -- one flap or two, it's all up to you.

(Am I the Couplet Queen or what?)

Angela -- happy mulling. :)

Just_Me said...

Oh, I have my time zones crossed..... EDT is Eastern Standard? I'm an hour and 12 minutes late :(

Authoress said...

Aww, you should've sent it, anyway -- I'm not THAT hard-nosed about the time deadline!